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Date 2007/7/20 8:47:47 | Topic: Owens News

All Work No Play means I can't ever work on the things that I really want to work on. Since I have a real job to do, my side projects get well, pushed aside. After working a 10 hour day, I don't really feel like working on a computer when I get back. If I do its mostly to catch up with people I know, talk about projects, help people out and maybe conduct a little business. Another thing I do some of when I'm not working is read. This reading is mostly to do with work, so I basically am working I just don't know it. The last recreational reading that I did was the book freakonmics. I have a mixed opinion about this book but thats another story thats not worthy of my time to post.

Well, hopefully all of my hard work will pay off, as it is already proving to. I'll have to keep working, and hopefully have time for some side projects along the way.

I have a lot of official and unofficial projects that need to be completed and not enough time to complete them. So the least important ones are going to be put off until they become important. The problem with this tho is that if I have a good concept / plan for an idea that I have, it means nothing unless I can get it done. The main problem with this is that I will never know if the idea was good or not, because I will probable never finish it to find out. What I need is people to work with that want to work on things in their spare time, just for fun (like me). If anything comes out of these projects then that would be great, otherwise look at it as a learning experience.

I will be re-doing my wiki soon. I'm still feeling the aftershock of my loss, but it could have been worse. The problem is, I'm having all types of new ideas and I fear that if I try to think about the old ones, then I will forget about the new ones. It would be nice to have some sort of an assistant. Maybe a PDA or personal tape recorder. The PDA would be better since I could actually use the notes in digital format without having to replay them to myself. I'm in the market for a new phone, for business and personal. But since the Verizon store at the UNCC Plaza type place (JW Clay) didn't seem interested in giving me any advice or even anything related to doing there job. I.e selling phones I suppose I will wait and do more research on my own.

This weekend I'm going to do some family stuff and hopefully meet with one of my friends for a geek out session. Mostly asterisk I hope but maybe some other things will be thrown in the mix.

Well, I suppose I better get off of here and start up the daily routine. I have some other unusual stuff in the mix and a busy next week.

More to come soon!


P.S boy am I glad I copied it this time. I almost had a repeat of the the other time when I lost my whole message. Phew.

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