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Date 2007/5/17 0:24:05 | Topic: Owens News

Last night I stayed up quite late and worked on a custom class for Xoops to handle breadcrumbs. I finished the class off and went to implement it as planned. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned. I did make a backup of the database, but not of the sites code. If I had done that I would have saved my self a lot of time. In short I cloned my photo album module (myalbum) and it somehow took my normal sized images and replaced it with my thumbnails after I tried to import the images.
To fix the problem I had to rename my pictures from another folder and copy them over. Not really a big problem, I just would have rather spent my time to develop a custom Xoops module.

I have some neat ideas for some tools and additional sections that I can add to this site. Some will require me to program a custom xoops module in PHP/mySQL, and some may require me to improve my Bash and Perl skills.

I might post again tomorrow with the progress I make (if any)

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