A Tech Rant From Concord NC.

Date 2007/9/28 10:52:39 | Topic: Owens News

I have been climbing up in the results since I started experimenting with SEO which impresses me. I think I have a decent understanding of SEO concepts. For those who don’t know I'm a programmer, more specifically a web applications developer. SEO troubles me as I like to know what I am doing. For example I wouldn’t make a source code change without being able to test it right away and verify that it works. That’s exactly the opposite of SEO. With SEO you make a change and wait to see. It could either work, make no change or it could be a complete failure. That scares me. I have heard and used the phrase:
“SEO is an art form not a science”
But I’ve come up with another analogy:
“SEO guys are philosophers”
Although there are some things SEO guys agree on between themselves often they have different theory’s of their own. Just check out various forums on the web, you can’t get two SEO guys to agree on anything. From my efforts I now have some results I’m moderately satisfied with from the various engines but I seem to be getting more from the Windows Live search than any of the others.
That’s my rant for the day. If you made if through my rant I hope that it was not the highlight of your day.
Have a good one,

Owen JH

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