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Date 2007/9/12 13:40:00 | Topic: Owens News

Itís been a while since I've looked at my photos page. When I did recently I was very surprised. The pictures I have of my Silver 2003 Pontiac Vibe GT have a lot of views. One has 185 views. Normally if the pictures have 20 - 30 views I think ok, I must have clicked it a few too many times but I don't think I've opened it 185 times. Granted as you flick thru the pages there are not as many views but I sort of expect this.
Also, while looking at the "Popular" photos I clicked on my apartment pictures. I forgot, while I was working on the Xoops my album module I accidently overwrote the original pictures with my thumbnails. Thatís why they look so bad Iíll try to fix them some time. I have to clone the photos module so that I can add more pictures since these ones are doing so well. My reason for cloning it is so that I can set permissions on that module. Also I seem to get more search traffic if the keywords are on the first page.

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