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Date 2007/9/6 22:15:08 | Topic: Owens News


The whole of August and no post. Not even a single change to this website or any development on any Xoops modules. That makes me shudder. Well, I have accomplished quite a bit, just nothing related to this site. Most of what I have done has been professionally. I still have not got my Wiki back up, that is what I'm actually going to getting it working tonight.

I have been pricing out a new computer because mines slow. I came up with a nice computer with pretty decent specs a 5200+ AMD 64 x2 with 2GB Ram, DVD Burner and power supply. I have everything else.

So after figuring out I'm poor and couldn't afford it I had to do something to speed up my computer. I've been running Slackware since version 10 and have not had to reinstall. Slackware 12 recently came out so I reinstalled my upgraded version and did a clean install with data backup. It runs great! I get a sub thirty second boot time with no optimizations and applications seem to run at least twice as quickly!

Well, its time to get my Wiki started and I have to write down some ideas while they are fresh in my mind for even more content of this site.


- Owen.

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