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Posted by owen on 2007/10/14 0:31:00 (2249 reads)

Where did September go? It seemed to have appeared quickly and disappeared just as fast.

Well, I took a short vacation with family last weekend. A well earned break. I had a great time & got lots of pictures. Maybe I'll post some eventually.

This week, I have not been as productive as I would have liked to have been. Oh well, there is always next week.

Its also that time of year again. The time where every one flocks into whats known as Charlotte Motor Speedway (is really called Lowes Motor Speedway and isn't actually in Charlotte). This created a nice drive home for me down route 29. I don't know what it is but the people after passing were driving like they were Nascar drivers.
While waiting for traffic outside the speedway the sounds of the cars was awesome. I would rather have been wanting to hear it instead of forced to but the motors sounded GREAT! I do not really like it when the race is in town, but the money that it brings into the local economy is probably worth it. It added about an extra 20 minutes onto my commute home, but if the money the race is bringing in is getting taxed then I couldn't care less because they might be able to fix the roads so that my commute is less bumpy. Anyhow, thats all I have for now.

Have a good one!


Posted by owen on 2007/9/28 10:52:39 (2526 reads)

I have been climbing up in the results since I started experimenting with SEO which impresses me. I think I have a decent understanding of SEO concepts. For those who donít know I'm a programmer, more specifically a web applications developer. SEO troubles me as I like to know what I am doing. For example I wouldnít make a source code change without being able to test it right away and verify that it works. Thatís exactly the opposite of SEO. With SEO you make a change and wait to see. It could either work, make no change or it could be a complete failure. That scares me. I have heard and used the phrase:
ďSEO is an art form not a scienceĒ
But Iíve come up with another analogy:
ďSEO guys are philosophersĒ
Although there are some things SEO guys agree on between themselves often they have different theoryís of their own. Just check out various forums on the web, you canít get two SEO guys to agree on anything. From my efforts I now have some results Iím moderately satisfied with from the various engines but I seem to be getting more from the Windows Live search than any of the others.
Thatís my rant for the day. If you made if through my rant I hope that it was not the highlight of your day.
Have a good one,

Owen JH

Posted by owen on 2007/9/24 13:59:00 (2179 reads)

I'm impressed at the amount of traffic I am getting but in the past four months my traffic has been gradually decreasing. I'm sure that this has something to do with the fact that I'm not giving this site as much attention as I used to. Iíve found that getting traffic to a site is easy. I could have fifty times the amount of traffic I have now if I wanted to but it would all depend on how much money I wanted to spend. I donít particularly want to spend any money since this site is more of a personal site, a project for experimenting, learning (mostly the hard way) and a place to post my work. If anything I'm working on has any value to anyone or the things on this site make people want to come here thatís great!

Posted by owen on 2007/9/22 14:33:04 (2439 reads)

Beautiful day here today. Its about 95F or 35C 42% humidity, with a slight breeze. Clouds are sparse so I decided to have a sit outside. While outside I noticed the airplanes preparing to land at CLT airport.

Such a nice day that it reminded me of the air shows that I used to go to as a kid in England. There were always a lot of shows, attractions and things to do so I decided to see if there were going to be any soon. There is one in Atlanta next week, but its too bad that its in the middle of the week.

I'm going to keep checking up to see if there are going to be any in North Carolina. I would love to go to an air show, I have not been to one in years and the only shows I've been to have been in England.

I want to go to take pictures. I always liked the shows the Red Arrows put on and would love to see how the Blue Angels are in comparison.

The closest thing I get to an Air show in Charlotte at the moment is when the race is on at Lowes motor speedway. There is always a lot of helicopters and the fly over by the jets is amazing.

I'll keep everyone posted and see what comes up. Until I find out more news I'll just relax and enjoy this beautiful day.

Posted by owen on 2007/9/12 13:40:00 (2284 reads)

Itís been a while since I've looked at my photos page. When I did recently I was very surprised. The pictures I have of my Silver 2003 Pontiac Vibe GT have a lot of views. One has 185 views. Normally if the pictures have 20 - 30 views I think ok, I must have clicked it a few too many times but I don't think I've opened it 185 times. Granted as you flick thru the pages there are not as many views but I sort of expect this.
Also, while looking at the "Popular" photos I clicked on my apartment pictures. I forgot, while I was working on the Xoops my album module I accidently overwrote the original pictures with my thumbnails. Thatís why they look so bad Iíll try to fix them some time. I have to clone the photos module so that I can add more pictures since these ones are doing so well. My reason for cloning it is so that I can set permissions on that module. Also I seem to get more search traffic if the keywords are on the first page.

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