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Posted by owen on 2007/5/13 22:21:04 (901 reads)

I have finished renaming and adding descriptions to all of my photos. Now I will have to make more albums and add photos to them. At the moment I only have pictures of my apartment in Charlotte NC and of my silver 2003 Pontiac Vibe GT
I hope to be adding more pictures soon as well as editing the site a bit.
The server went down on Saturday because of a power outage at the office. The server is on a UPS but so is our firewall, so the UPS drained down quickly and then completely lost power. Unfortunately the server does not have boot on power loss or WOL (Wake On Lan) so I was unable to bring the server back up. I must have spent about an hour trying to find out what IP the server was on but come to find out that the IP didn't change, the web server was just turned off.

Posted by owen on 2007/5/5 22:37:00 (3013 reads)

Cinco De Meyo last minute updates. This is more or less a pointless update. I have some useless ramblings and some text about me updating some of my pictures. Read the extended text to find out which ones!

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Posted by owen on 2007/4/11 20:40:02 (13484 reads)

So, I've been dabbing a bit into search engine optimization recently. I guess it can be called an interesting experience. Since I don't really want to spend all my time reading in forums I think I will buy the search engine optimization binder that sitepoint sells when the new edition comes out. It seems like a steal for only $149 with $50 yahoo! PPC credit and $50 Miva PPC credit.
I know that one thing's for sure, you have to have content for your website or nobody will ever visit it. This is what I'm trying to do now. I'm not sure what I really want to use this domain for but I guess I can ramble on every once in a while and maybe share some of my ideas. I have some pretty good ideas for xoops modules & some neat tools. When I get them finished, if ever I will post them in the downloads section that I have to create. I also have to create categories for news and customize the module a bit so that its more like a blog module. Well got to go for now. Oh and I'm doing a little test with this post. I'm actually going to see how many times it gets read without me touching it. I may comment on it once in a while which will mean I need to open it then but other then that I want to see how many hits it gets. I might post some stats soon also if I feel like it.


Posted by owen on 2007/3/6 19:18:46 (2613 reads)

So, its been a while since I have touched my website. I think its about time for another make over. The problem is the site only displays in firefox 1.5 and ie6. I have no idea what it looks like in the new ie7 but I'm assuming it will render somewhat simular to firefox 2 or safari.

Posted by owen on 2006/10/18 15:23:10 (941 reads)

As you may or may not have noticed I finally gave my sorry website a makeover. It was about time it saw some change....

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