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Posted by owen on 2007/9/6 22:15:08 (2488 reads)


The whole of August and no post. Not even a single change to this website or any development on any Xoops modules. That makes me shudder. Well, I have accomplished quite a bit, just nothing related to this site. Most of what I have done has been professionally. I still have not got my Wiki back up, that is what I'm actually going to getting it working tonight.

I have been pricing out a new computer because mines slow. I came up with a nice computer with pretty decent specs a 5200+ AMD 64 x2 with 2GB Ram, DVD Burner and power supply. I have everything else.

So after figuring out I'm poor and couldn't afford it I had to do something to speed up my computer. I've been running Slackware since version 10 and have not had to reinstall. Slackware 12 recently came out so I reinstalled my upgraded version and did a clean install with data backup. It runs great! I get a sub thirty second boot time with no optimizations and applications seem to run at least twice as quickly!

Well, its time to get my Wiki started and I have to write down some ideas while they are fresh in my mind for even more content of this site.


- Owen.

Posted by owen on 2007/7/20 8:47:47 (2514 reads)

All Work No Play means I can't ever work on the things that I really want to work on. Since I have a real job to do, my side projects get well, pushed aside. After working a 10 hour day, I don't really feel like working on a computer when I get back. If I do its mostly to catch up with people I know, talk about projects, help people out and maybe conduct a little business. Another thing I do some of when I'm not working is read. This reading is mostly to do with work, so I basically am working I just don't know it. The last recreational reading that I did was the book freakonmics. I have a mixed opinion about this book but thats another story thats not worthy of my time to post.

Well, hopefully all of my hard work will pay off, as it is already proving to. I'll have to keep working, and hopefully have time for some side projects along the way.

I have a lot of official and unofficial projects that need to be completed and not enough time to complete them. So the least important ones are going to be put off until they become important. The problem with this tho is that if I have a good concept / plan for an idea that I have, it means nothing unless I can get it done. The main problem with this is that I will never know if the idea was good or not, because I will probable never finish it to find out. What I need is people to work with that want to work on things in their spare time, just for fun (like me). If anything comes out of these projects then that would be great, otherwise look at it as a learning experience.

I will be re-doing my wiki soon. I'm still feeling the aftershock of my loss, but it could have been worse. The problem is, I'm having all types of new ideas and I fear that if I try to think about the old ones, then I will forget about the new ones. It would be nice to have some sort of an assistant. Maybe a PDA or personal tape recorder. The PDA would be better since I could actually use the notes in digital format without having to replay them to myself. I'm in the market for a new phone, for business and personal. But since the Verizon store at the UNCC Plaza type place (JW Clay) didn't seem interested in giving me any advice or even anything related to doing there job. I.e selling phones I suppose I will wait and do more research on my own.

This weekend I'm going to do some family stuff and hopefully meet with one of my friends for a geek out session. Mostly asterisk I hope but maybe some other things will be thrown in the mix.

Well, I suppose I better get off of here and start up the daily routine. I have some other unusual stuff in the mix and a busy next week.

More to come soon!


P.S boy am I glad I copied it this time. I almost had a repeat of the the other time when I lost my whole message. Phew.

Posted by owen on 2007/7/8 14:06:56 (3286 reads)

Well folks, its been a while since I last wrote but there is an explanation for all of this.

I haven't been very lucky with data recently. I wrote a post last night that explained everything that I am about to say but, the post didn't actually post. Therefore this is the second time I am writing the same post. Hopefully this time the message actually gets posted. I will make a backup this time before I post just to make sure that the site is working correctly.

Before this happened and in my last news article I was mostly complaining about how I had four years worth of notes (including those related to xoops projects and this site) typed up in Wiki. All nicely formatted, easily navigated with cross linked pages and redirects. I had just set it up, and had thrown my old hard copy notes away. Over the next couple of days, some how my data is gone, before I had made a backup. MySQL didn't have any of my tables, or any of the files that are normally in the data folder. I am still wondering where the data went. Anyway, thats not too big of a problem. I remember most of my notes, and can write or type them up again, its just a bit of a pain that all of the MySQL data recovery techniques I know didn't work.

Holiday Fun!
This all happened before I took a holiday to my home country of England. Which I must say was a great trip since I got to see a lot of my friends and family. I took this time to not worry about anything and just enjoyed my time off. My break was exactly what I needed, until it was time to come home. Me and my girlfriend were trying to fly back on Wednesday 27th of June. Since we were flying standby, we had heard that the day before looked like we would have had better chances of getting on. We decided to go to LGW anyway, since we figured we would get on. We arrive at the airport and go to the ticket desk. We're told to check in with the regular people. We waited in line which took at least 45 minutes to be told that we need to go back to the ticket desk. We go back to the ticket desk and guess what... The flight the day before had been canceled and there was no chance of us getting on the US flight to Charlotte. Ok, we'll wait for the Philly flight. We wait a couple of hours, go back to the ticket desk, and they tell us there is only one seat to Philly, and there was no chance of one of us catching the connecting flight to Charlotte. What a waste. Well, to cut a long story short, we went to the airport and had a similar experience every time. We ended up just heading back to where we were staying and trying to figure out how we were going to fly back home. I think we went back to the airport three times before we could get on a flight. And the strange thing was that the flight to Philly had been canceled the day before. I figured there was no way we were going to be able to get back since most people that were flying to Philly were going to get on the Charlotte flight. Oh well, we made it back finally.
The next day, after getting a long nights sleep, I had to take my girlfriend back CLT for her to fly out on another holiday to the Dominican Republic. Everything goes well for this one,. I go to the airport, wait inline with her, she checks in, I said goodbye for a week and then left the airport. When I finally get to my car and leave the lot, I realized that I had no money. I figured, well its been less then 30 minutes so they won't charge me (this is CLT's policy) I get to the gate and wait inline for a minute or so while the people in front pay. I get to the gate hand the lady my ticket, and she tells me I owe $1. I say, I have not got $1, how long was I in the parking lot for?
"32 Minutes" she replied.
I franticly searched all of the compartments in my car, trying to get the measly dollar. In combination I had .90 GBP, and about $.53. They wouldn't take international money, which I would have happily given them the $1.80 or so I had in GBP, and wouldn't pro-rate my ticket so that I only had to pay the $.07 worth of time I was over. Even tho by the time I actually found a parking spot, waited on a lift & then waited on the cars in front at the booth, easily came to 5 minutes of extra time. Anyway, I have to mail the City of Charlotte a check for $1 in 10 days. Is it really worth paying some one to open all of these letters and deposit the checks? Surely the fee for depositing the checks must lessen the profit considerably. Oh well.

Good to be home.
I think I have got back into the swing of things, but my sleep pattern is still a bit off. I have to go to bed early and wake up even earlier. I did get to see the Transformers movie at Concord Mills mall in Concord NC the other day. I really liked the movie even tho I did not watch too much of the transformers on TV or read any of the comics. I did play with the toys but I was too young to remember specifics about them now. Very good movie, although I think that I will have to buy the DVD so that I can check out the fast moving scenes in slow motion and in HD so that I can see if the effects were as good as they looked, or if they just made all of the effects super fast so that it only appears to be good effects and rendering.

Back to work.
I will be hard at work again after this weekend, working on things such as Linux and Windows. Will probably do some custom Xoops development with PHP and MySQL and maybe even make some tools. My goal for today is to get this news article posted, finish my honey-do list, re-do all of my notes and get some well deserved rest..
If any one is wondering why I'm slow, its because I do actually have to work like most other people. I co-own an full service IT company in Concord NC. Which means I work more then full time on a wide range of projects. I really enjoy working for myself. I like the wide range of projects that I get to work on. From building custom web sites and applications with PHP/MySQL, to computer repair / services and networking. The job is very rewarding.

I should have a good idea of the projects I'm working on and shall be completing very soon. But my priorities are listed above.
Check back soon for more updates (I'll try not to bore you with gruesome details next time).

Posted by owen on 2007/5/17 0:24:05 (2840 reads)

Last night I stayed up quite late and worked on a custom class for Xoops to handle breadcrumbs. I finished the class off and went to implement it as planned. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned. I did make a backup of the database, but not of the sites code. If I had done that I would have saved my self a lot of time. In short I cloned my photo album module (myalbum) and it somehow took my normal sized images and replaced it with my thumbnails after I tried to import the images.
To fix the problem I had to rename my pictures from another folder and copy them over. Not really a big problem, I just would have rather spent my time to develop a custom Xoops module.

I have some neat ideas for some tools and additional sections that I can add to this site. Some will require me to program a custom xoops module in PHP/mySQL, and some may require me to improve my Bash and Perl skills.

I might post again tomorrow with the progress I make (if any)

Posted by owen on 2007/5/14 20:08:41 (2845 reads)

This may not be new news, but news is news and I figure that some is better than none. I have recently been organizing my thoughts and I have many ideas for new features for this site. Most of them will not be of interest to most people, but it if it is helpful to some people then thats all I care about. I also have some good plans for new xoops modules and customizations that some people may like. I of course would accept donations for my work and offer support for a modest fee. The code will be open source, but I will probably host them from here until the demand is so great that I can no longer host them myself (one can dream can't they )
I will be adding more modules with new content soon but I will need to make some key feature updates first.
Other than that, there is no real news.

If you spot any errors on this site, could you please let me know? Specifically I am looking for grammar errors and errors within the PHP code. Also, if there are any client error codes (400's) or server error codes (500's) to my knowledge there are none at the moment - but this could just be me.

If any one is looking for a PHP/MySQL developer in Concord NC then they have come to the right place. Use the Contact Me page if you would like more details. If you are looking for pc repair you may want to check out Tech Fellows - Concord NC PC Repair

Thats all for now. Because I'm done procrastinating I better get some work done, or at least play TradeWars 2002.


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