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Posted by owen on 2009/7/10 13:05:18 (3386 reads)

It's hard to believe its been so long since I've posted here on my site. I took everyones advice from genvibe and got the Vibe GT as we all here know. About 60,000 miles have passed. I now have 100,000 miles on it and just replaced the clutch for the first time. I have to say I'm very impressed with the car, its done me well with very few problems. Here are a list of them in no particular order, I could have split them up into separate posts but figured it would be easier to just sum it up here.

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Posted by owen on 2008/3/19 23:06:10 (2519 reads)

I mentioned last time that I had been working on My Linux Blog and some other niche sites. This is more or less a quick update stating that these projects are doing well. Particularly the Linux Blog. If you have any interest in Linux I invite you over to read the content and would love to have you as a subscriber. Unfortunately I have not had as much time to dedicate to my projects here. I've also started some more and have been working more with Wordpress than Xoops. I still like Xoops but for the time being my Wordpress sites have more importance to me since they are money generators. Again, this is subject to change in the future and if there is commercial interest in Xoops development I may start developing for it again.

- Owen.

Posted by owen on 2007/12/6 0:52:45 (5185 reads)

Its been more than a month since my last post. Well, that is not without a good reason. I have been very busy on a couple of other sites. I've mainly been working on my Linux Blog that I've been running for a while thats doing pretty good. I have been trying to write a couple of times a week with an article each Sunday. I'm told there is lots of good content there, but I'm going to be unsatisfied. I've been reading Garry Conn's Making Money Online Blog and have been inspired to start some new projects.

I'll let every one know the results probably about a month from now since I haven't posted here in a while.

I would have some good pictures taken from around the Charlotte / Concord NC Area if my camera phone worked. I've got some of the Christmas lights on 29, around the speedway and Phillip Morris. But I don't actually have a camera. All I have is a camera phone, which is less than ideal.

Posted by owen on 2007/10/26 16:05:45 (3712 reads)

Well, I think my friends that it is time for me to update my site. I'm not thinking an update in design. More like content. I've started some projects recently that are doing pretty well. I've also seen some of my friends personal sites start doing well. So I guess its time to get serious about this site. Those of you who know me as a Xoops developer will know that I have worked on various Xoops projects. Well, I intend to get back into the development swing and start some new ones and add finishing touches to the old ones. Here is the list of stuff that I want to implement properly and have available for download:

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Posted by owen on 2007/10/17 18:34:42 (3300 reads)

Sometimes when I'm bored I like to get a little nosey. One thing that is fun to do is to look at what peoples websites used to look like. This can be very fun indeed!
Take a look at Owen JH's old designs..
The websites only been arcived since the beginning of 2006, but it looks ugly in the archive. The main page & logo is missing. Apparently the wayback machine doesn't support iframes. But I don't know why the header image would have been broken. If you look at it near the current time its actually quite funny. Apparently it cannot parse this website. Thats a shame. Mostly because I'm going to have to fix it now. It has the same problems that some versions of Saffari have and the proxyweb.net online proxy site. I have some wacky comments and probably some invalid code, it doesn't bother me really since the site works in I.E and Firefox.

Other fun sites to look at are Microsoft, MSN, Google, Coke and Pepsi.

Or you could look up some of your friends domains and laugh at the websites that they used to have. I know people would laugh at mine if they saw it

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